Before and after treatment there is important information you need to know. In addition please ensure you fill out your patient intake form and Covid Consent Form before your procedure. Patient Intake Form

Before your injection treatment

  • Two weeks before avoid dental appointments, laser or chemical peel treaments,  and blood thinning medication like anti-inflammatories, ginkgo, fish oils and vitamin E supplements.
  • If you are prone to cold sores an anti-viral medication should be prescribed 2 days prior to your filler treatment.
  • One day before avoid alcohol.
  • The day of your treatment for dermal fillers please arrive with no makeup.

After your procedure

  • Clean your cell phone before touching your face.
  • 12 hours post injections avoid makeup, skin care, alcohol, extreme facial expressions or strenuous activity. You may wash your face with a gentle cleanser before bed.
  • 2 days post injections try to sleep on your back
  • 2 weeks post injections avoid extra sun exposure, UV light, freezing or extreme heat like saunas, tanning beds, hot tubs or hot wax. Avoid dental appointments two weeks post injections.

Common Symptoms

  • Redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness and lumps
  • Occasionally bruising can occur and will not affect the outcome of the filler result. Arnica and fresh pineapple may be taken to help with your recovery.
  • If you require pain medication plain or extra strength Tylenol may be taken.
  • Firmness to the treated area is normal and will soften and settle usually within 1-2 weeks. 
Emergency Contact for Kristy Jones

**Contact the office or Kristy Jones Immediately if you experience:

  • fever and/or chills within 1 week of the injection
  • if the area appears red, hot to the touch and looks angry
  • severe pain or increasing pain
  • discolored blotches in area not injected or blanching of the injected areas
  • blisters or sores on the skin or inside the mouth